Wireless Networking
Silver Tech is able to help with all different types of network configurations and able to achieve wireless where you didn't think it was possible. Looking to upgrade or replace your current router? It will be easy with Silver Tech.
Wireless Routers
Your router is the central component of all your network operations. That includes everything from printing and scanning to just browsing the internet. If you have a poor router, it will not send a good wireless signal and will most likely cause problems with printing or browsing the web. Talk to Silver Tech about getting your router fixed or replaced.
Wireless Access Points
Sometimes one location for broadcasting a wireless signal is not enough. A wireless access point will broadcast a wireless signal and uplink your existing Ethernet connection to your network. Silver Tech can also install Wireless Repeaters which uplink a wireless signal.
Wireless Bridges
If you have a need to upgrade a devices wireless connection but are unable to add a traditional USB or PCI wireless card, a Ethernet Network Bridge might be what you need. They can also be used to uplink a Mobile Broadband router to your router.
Mobile Broadband
Mobile Broadband allows you to be connected to the internet - from many devices - while on the go. Silver Tech can help by recommending, procuring, setting up, and showing you how to use Mobile Broadband most effectively.
Ethernet Networking
If you need Ethernet networking fixed or added in your home or business, Silver Tech can help you with that. Cat 5 and Cat 6 Ethernet networking options available.
Internet Access for Customers
Are you a Cafe or business that would like to provide Free Internet Access to your customers? Silver Tech has the expertise to help you create a wireless network that fits you business model for customer use. Your customers will love that they can sit at your location to work while enjoying a cafe or just play a game while waiting for their appointment.
Wireless Security
Silver Tech makes sure to use only the most up to date routers and security types for securing your wireless data. There are many different types of options available that can shield you neighbors for touching your wireless (and wired) network. Know which ones you are lacking with an on-site consult.
Wireless Range
Any range is possible! Between excellent networking equipment, special antennas, and correct know-how, Silver Tech can connect networks spanning from inside your home to inside your neighborhood. Give us a call to get that wireless working at the distances others told you wouldn't work.