Devices and Peripheral Support
I would be happy to help you with your devices and peripherals including: Routers, Printers and Scanners, Fax, Tablets, Webcams, Speakers, Bluetooth Devices, and Phones. Full Service consult, setup, and support is what we do!
Router Help
Routers are the central component to your entire computer network... without a good one in place, security may be weak, wireless functionally may not work right and internet can drop in and out of service. Silver Tech can recommend and install a fantastic router. Learn more at our wireless networking page.
Printers and Scanners
How many printers have you bought in the last 10 years? Most likely too many. Silver Tech installs the most reliable, highest reviewed printers for clients so that they have a printer that fits their needs, works well, and isn't replaced in 1 or 2 years. New printers can print from phones and tablets, are wireless, and have many other great features. Talk to Silver Tech to learn more.
Great quality monitors at great prices are available, you just have to know what to look for and when. Silver Tech is constantly on the hunt for great deals for monitors for clients, knowing that it is the only thing you "see" on your computer. Plus your eyes are important and the less strain or radiation the better! Need an upgrade? Have it recommended and installed by Silver Tech.
Silver Tech works with tablets (Android Tablets, Windows Tablets / Surface Tablets, and Apple iPads) in addition to all sorts of desktop and laptop computers. If you are not sure what device to get or you need help with a recently acquired device, call Silver Tech to make the process easy.
Mobile Phone Help
Your mobile phone is most likely a large part of your life and when it doesn't work well, its a problem. Silver Tech can help guide your mobile phone decisions and then help you with issues when they come up.
Bluetooth Devices
Do you have a Bluetooth device that isn't working correctly or you are having trouble setting it up. No worries, Silver Tech can help with that!
Computer speakers and home audio and video setups and consults. The same tech you trust for all your other IT needs is a great resource for audio and video components too. Silver Tech can help upgrade your computer's speakers or turn your family room into an immersive movie watching area.
Fax / Fax-thru-Email
Need to fax? Maybe you would like to learn more about Fax-Thru-Email Services? 800 numbers and porting of your existing number available. Silver Tech can help with all of that... just send us an message.