Data Backup and Data Recovery Services
Need data backed up or recovered? Data backup can be in the cloud (internet) for only $60/year or on-site for the cost of a hard drive. All backup options we recommend are completely automatic and seamless.

Data Backup Services
Unfortunately, hard drives do fail and when they do a solid backup will save you either the total loss of your data or an expensive hard drive recovery. Hopefully, if you plan correctly, you will never have to learn the hard way - losing your only copy of your kids pictures isn't fun. Have Silver Tech take care of your data backup before its too late.
Data Recovery Services
In the case that you have lost your data due to a system failure or a backup drive failure, Silver Tech can help. Silver Tech offer lost partition recovery, lost data recovery, flash drive recovery, and camera card recovery.
On-Site Data Backup
With an on-site data backup hard drive, all of your data can be backed up to make sure that your data is always in two places. This backup would happen completely automatically and is a great economical option for getting data backed up. Costs about $50 for a drive that should last many years. If you are a business or worried about fire of theft, we recommend remote backup.
Remote (Off-Site) Data Backup
Remote Backup - which we do through Carbonite - is a great option to back all your data and be secure against theft or fire. Carbonite charges $60/year for unlimited data backup and like all services we recommend, we never up-charge.
Hard Drive Partition Recovery
If you need your hard drive data recovered we can recover hard drive partitions and lost sectors using specialize software and careful techniques. A diagnostics is at most $100 if we are not able to recover your data - but we are very successful. Give Silver Tech a try for your Hard Drive Recovery needs.
Camera Card / Flash Drive Recovery
If your camera card or flash drive seems corrupt, Silver Tech may be able to help you recover those files. DO NOT FORMAT the card and call Silver Tech right away to see if we can be of assistance.